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Alexander Soloviev How to locate the house on a plot

 If you are going to buy the land and build a house, then this is the article for you!

Choosing a site, many people do not always think about how it will be placed house, because for frequent buying land for a long time before the construction of the house. This is a big mistake!Browsing and selecting land for construction of houses, most people think about other things:

Why are we against aerated concrete?

Production of cellular concrete is currently experiencing a rebirth. Increased production volumes, the market is growing. And it's all thanks to the new rules introduced by the thermal resistance of building structures prescribed in SNIP II- 3 -79 *, by which through the efforts of advertising campaigns was claimed by one of the main positive features of aerated concrete - good thermal resistance of the material. Managers of manufacturing companies, promoting the product, goods touted talent eastern market. But it is good stuff, as it teaches us in advertisements ?That still hold back, keep back?

Patio. Place in the Sun

 Warm summer evenings are created for good company. In winter, we invite guests to sit by the fireplace with a glass of cognac. Summer is the time to gather outdoors with white wine and chargrilled fish. That why we urgently need living room in the garden, a patio, which means "courtyard with no roof" in Spanish. These patios appeared in the sunny neighborhood Mediterranean countries five centuries ago. Today it is unimaginable to have the equipped house without patio in the cool Russia. Patio is situated in back of the house if it is planned to be a green" dining room. Mediterranean Renaissance fortresses were built in the form of a ring and patio was in the center of that ring, so it was protected by walls around. It played the role of a hall - the meeting place of guests.


 Low-voltage lighting system is safe to use and requires no special knowledge. We can afford admiring the beauty of suburban life only in the evening or at night. But, unfortunately, the darkness hides the effort of landscape designers. To make the area look well at night, you can use landscape lighting. Landscape lighting includes not only the lantern above the door and the light along the tracks, but also highlighting the plants and reservoirs. Decorative garden lighting is now considered the most effective methods of landscape design. Illumination structure is recommended by the experts to set in the latter stages of construction, before the garden is laid. Then it will be clear what plants which will be highlighted. In this case, you can lay all the cables and wires and install poles, props, lights and lamps before the planting of trees and shrubs and lawns sections.

Loft. Industrial chic

Many people think that the fairy tale about a poor girl becoming a princess can only be read by Charles Perrault or found in different films. Not at all. It turns out that such a miracle transformation actually exists in the world of architecture and interior design.

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