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Alexander Soloviev How to locate the house on a plot

If you are going to buy the land and build a house, then this is the article for you!

Choosing a site, many people do not always think about how it will be placed house, because for frequent buying land for a long time before the construction of the house. This is a big mistake!Browsing and selecting land for construction of houses, most people think about other things: whether there is communication on the site, distance from the city, there are good neighbors, when the road will be made to increase if the price of land in the area and much more. Forgetting about one of the main things - the location of the house. To make the right decision about the layout of the location of the cottage, it is necessary to make a detailed plan of the site. For this, you may require not only the trip, but also to make some measurements on the site and the surrounding area.

What you need for a horizontal layout of the site?

The first step is to identify the site plan, which defines the size of all the parties, the angles between the parties. Further noteworthy south-north direction. This plan is recommended to copy a few copies, as you still have a lot of work with him. At this location plan should apply road gutter position of the red line separating the public area of your site. From the red line drawn by 5 meters should retreat to the side of your site and spend another line (facade). This line will be for you in the location of the boundary of the house - none of the elements of the house should not go beyond this line .Distance 5-6 meters from the red line is necessary not only to comply with laws. It enables us to protect the house from dust, noise and emissions, reduce the area seen  from the street. Next should hold the yellow lines (side) at a distance of 3 meters from the side boundaries of your plot plan and apply all the buildings neighbors who are from your fence less than 12 meters.

Grading on your site

Determine the slope of your land plot can use the data geodesic plan if you have it certainly is. The most important thing is to determine the following: the general direction of the slope with respect to a front line, on which value increases (decreases) of land at a distance of 10 meters along the slope, how much higher is the facade line the road. Note on the plan and all lines of communication objects that pass near or on the site. If such communication is not, it is not a cause for joy, ultimately to your home will be supplied with electricity, water, sewer, and possibly gas. Identify and apply disclosure ranges beautiful areas of the environment, and vice versa, not aesthetic paintings. This is necessary to properly position the window. Determine the most elevated, lowered, and the wetlands on the site. Note on the plan all the big trees that you would like to leave the area around them and draw a circle with a radius of 2.5 m

Not superfluous will also get a general outline of the local administration building your community and local regulations, which are also desirable to observe if you want to easily get permission to build a house.

How to choose the perfect location of the house on the plot?

Of course each person has their own preferences in the matter of accommodation cottage on the site, but should also listen to the generally accepted norms and rules. Common rooms are comfortably oriented to the west. Bedroom windows is better to locate between the eastern and southern sides. You should also make sure that the windows would not go on a noisy street. If the windows facing north, there will never be the sun, if the west - the sun will appear in the evening, when the room is warmed up and in the evening it will be hot in the bedroom. Conservatory is better to locate on the north side of the house. Location of the house must be suitable for the entrance and approach from all sides. The house should be comfortable access to the courtyard area and private area, there is better to place and terrace. Better to have a house on the elevated side of the plot. If the width of the track is less than 25 meters, the house is best placed at one of the sides. From bedrooms, living rooms and terraces should be a good overview of the landscape. It should not be viewed from the road and neighbors. Facade of the house facing the street, should be beautiful. Best plot slope 1-3 degrees (about 15-50 cm by 10 m). If the site is very smooth, it is difficult to divert water from the area, especially in spring. It is desirable that the side of the house had the opportunity to travel deep into the plot. Total number of roads in the area should be minimized. Also, if the area is planned to construct several buildings (eg - guest house, sauna, garden furniture), you should leave enough room for the entrance of machinery. Seemingly simple things as possible should carefully consider before beginning construction to escape from possible problems in the future. According to fire regulations distance between the houses of neighbors should be from 6 to 15 meters. You should always specify the location of the house all the rules in the beginning, there were no problems with obtaining building permits and obtaining a passport at home.

Optimization project under real plot

Naturally, before the start of construction, the project should be tied to a portion of your home, if you already have a model project at home that you wish to buy before buying the site. The best solution is to revise the draft for a specific site, especially if your site has a regular shape and a large bias. Problem designers in case you decide to order the individual project at home is to comply with all your wishes. Naturally take into account everything is simply impossible and you have to go make some compromises. This location can bedrooms, size of windows, access to the courtyard and many more things. The most important thing initially arrange your priorities, in the future do not have to, tormented due to improper location of the house on the plot.

We hope that this article was useful to you and those simple tips architects can help choosing the site and subsequently placing it on your cottage.

Alexander Soloviev




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