Проектируем и строим современные дома из экологически чистых материалов.

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Interesting projects

Mati 2


Total area: 159.22 m2
Cost: $

Alan 4


Total area 245.23m2
Cost: $ 88 400

Tulipan 2


Total area: 233,07 м2
Cost: $ 85 500

Marlon 2


Total area: 146.55 m2
Cost: $ 65 700

Projects of Kager houses

This section presents the designs of  Kager (Kager) houses

Any of the projects submitted there  can be redesigned to suit your requirements.

      Projects up to 200 m2                                     from 200 m2 PROJECTS 




About Kager

      Experience, tradition and family business

KAGER family business in its activities has its values since 1989, they  are the quality, integrity and personal approach. KAGER is Slovenian brand that brings together engineers, architects, many sellers and a huge number of satisfied customers. Unique, individually designed house becomes a reality under a watchful eye of experienced carpenters and joiners.

Photo - Frederic KAGER, founder and director of the company.


             Live differently!

Enjoy the rays of sunlight, merge with nature, create your own home and become a center of the universe. VITANOVA represents the house, which is based on bright spaces, well-designed construction details and  blending with the environment, it becomes an invisible part of it. Light and openness that follow you in your house, a privilege beyond compare. It's a lifestyle in harmony with nature, you deserve it!



                    Feel on top of the world!

VITANOVA means symbiosis between the inner and outer worlds. Love of wood and glass is displayed in every detail of our home. This symbiosis is breathtaking. Exceptional sense of openness, freedom and infinity gives your house a whole new meaning. Manual processing of wood and perfection of details give house elegance, which is akin to the one that is inherent in the red carpet.You wake up and go to sleep without feeling borders. Your imagination is boundless, too, it breathes, as if being on top of the world.


       Design houses of wood and glass

KAGER guides  creative development houses, and inspires them by love and devotion. It's because of our love for nature and the work of the materials we use and the details of which we will never forget. Also, we are guided by the wishes of our customers. When we combine all of this, something eternal is born. As a result, you get a KAGER crack house, comfort is created by a combination of devotion and love.


                    Welcome, trust us!

Already more than 1000 families from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland live in KAGER homes. They trust us to create your own lifestyle and achieve their goal. We associate them with long-term friendships that will last long after the project implementation. Each house is a different story, two identical buildings do not exist, they are all made of high-grade wood, thought to the smallest detail and able to meet the most demanding customer. KAGER is made in Slovenia.


Kager houses

Popular Projects

Project "Radius"

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Total area: 169 м2
Cost: $

Project 32

Подробнее о проекте 32 ...

Area: 2362
Price: $129 900 

Project 43

Подробнее о проекте

Total area: 280 m2
Cost: $

Project 37

Подробнее о проекте 37 ...

Total area: 205 м2
Cost: $0

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