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Construction options

In the construction of a private house there are two ways.

1. Order turnkey house construction to the known company

2. Find a suitable design and build a house yourself, economy forces builders or find an inexpensive construction company.

The second way at first glance seems more reasonable, because why should we pay to a certain company? Before making a final decision you need to weigh all the pros and cons of these paths. Consider two paths in detail.

Path 1. Order house to the known construction company.


1. The company has built more than one house and has experience, and therefore can avoid errors that are identified in the construction does not immediately fix, sometimes impossible.

2. Contract with the company is official, money are accepted through the bank, then you are under the protection of the law and risk losing them is minimal.

3. The company carries the warranty and repair defects if such will be revealed in the next few years.

4. The company has not only proven skilled workers, but more importantly qualified management personnel with whom relations are based on mutual respect, with which you can easily solve any problem and discuss your level of any creative solution. Architects who lead your project will offer you the layout and design of the one that will best fits your lifestyle.


1. Apparent higher cost.

Path 2. Order priced house builders or the company that offers the lowest prices.


1. The apparent cheapness of construction


1. Relations with private workers or little known company built on faith, money is often transferred in cash, without formal contracts. If you go this way, then do not complain more, if you will be cheated. Guarantees of such builders give only lip service and once you have made them full payment, they no longer carry any obligation to you. Many of them change the SIM card of phone in order not to correct defects, which will occur only when such construction is mandatory.

2. You do not have anyone to discuss features of the project, you do not have architectural experience and all the non-conformity of a random project your lifestyle you are sure to find it when you start to live.

3. You'll be sure to look for ways to reduce the cost and offers the cheapest building materials, which by definition are not of good quality, and often simply unhealthy.

4. You do not know how much your house is durable, whether it corresponds to the building regulations, you do not know, because nobody will give no guarantees, except some of these: "Yes we have a lot of these houses built." Many houses built in this way can be completely unreliable, have a very short life, or lack of strength, but can tap it after many years, when the weather conditions will peak. All weather peaks taken into account in building codes and that they calculated the house if it is built according to the rules.

To summarize

1. Apparent higher price in a famous company actually pays quality, and the apparent lower price from private builders may result in the loss of all the money.

2. The company immediately tells you about all the construction costs facing you, and private builders often talk about their small parts and are silent about the rest.

3. Of course the company incurs additional costs for staff, this fulfills their staff that clearly organizes the construction process, monitors the flow of work, provides supply quality material object, taking with you the hard work, which can perform just having a good experience. As a result of the construction costs of a certain customer even cheaper and the quality of reliability and peace in general can not be estimated.

If you decide  to save, which is understandable, then make the company power the house foundation FRAME AND ROOF. In addition, you'll receive all the necessary consultations on further completion.

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