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Натуральный сланец

Slate is a natural, environmentally friendly, durable material suitable for roofs and fa?ade facing and construction for centuries.

Millions of years the forces of nature in the most favorable areas of the world have formed a special rock - slate.

This natural material is used for centuries as a roofing material. Natural slate - has a long life, so you can still admire the works of the great masters of Europe, who used it to create an infinite number of castles, palaces, churches and other monuments.

Natural slateis a versatile and promising material for modern architecture. Different types of masonry make it the perfect solution for roofs and facades.




What you need to know about slate...


Натуральный сланец


Natural slate is a perfect building material. Environmentally friendly, mined and processed without harmful substances.


Slate is a durable material – up to 100 years. Specially developed strict control methods constantly guarantee the highest quality of slate tiles.


Slate with its natural beauty gives its charm to both historical and modern buildings, and harmoniously blends with any architectural style, regardless of whether it is used for roofing or cladding walls.


Thanks to technological advances and modern effective methods of mining natural slate became competitive in price with other building materials. A roof or facade of natural slate significantly improves the value of the real estate.


Natural slate is out of time, it is always in fashion, always relevant. It Perfectly and effectively combines with building materials of the 21st century, from glass to concrete and meets all the requirements of the construction industry today.


Natural slate is a building material of such precious quality that undoubtedly can endow every building, decorated them with aesthetic individuality and unique identity.


Examples of roofs and facades covered with slate



 Slate in Ukraine


Сланец в Украине

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