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Natural building material coquina is created by nature for centuries. Therefore it is not surprising that its chemical composition has a beneficial effect on the human body. In today's market of building materials, there is probably no more environmentally friendly material.

Shelly coquina (coquina) belongs to a class of natural materials. It consists of shells and fragments of mollusks, which are joined together with lime concrete. Due to its composition, coquina has porous microstructure filled with air. This feature allows us to talk about the unique heat and noise insulation properties of coquina.






The process of building a house of coquina





Natural filter


Дом из ракушечника

Chemical composition of coquina varies slightly. They fall into the type of pure coquina. According to its textural and structural features coquina is presented by zoogenic rock, consisting of shells various shapes, and their individual particles cemented by calcite cement, having pink or cream color. Buildings made of this material are not vulnerable to rodents. It is the only building material that has100% repellency and protection against radiation. The walls of your house will be a perfect natural "filter" of our, not very clean atmosphere, and iodine and salt, which coquina contains, not only improve your mood and health, but also to get rid of many diseases of the respiratory tract and cardiovascular system.




New style and design element


Строительство из ракушечника

Application of coquina stone wall on the outside and inside gives the designer, builder a huge number of new design options. Foamed coquina stone has a pleasant pastel colors, allowing you to create cozy places of the house. With proper installation coquina does not require decoration, decorative wall of coquina in your house would be an unexpectedly pleasant design solution.







 House of coquina is always warm and dry. Coquina has a porous structure, so it is an unsurpassed heat and noise insulation in nature.

Accordingly it does not require the use of artificial insulators this will save your money. Coquina is the best lining material in terms of price and quality.

 Стена из ракушечника

 Construction of houses made of coquina throughout Ukraine - Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa and the Crimea. We are ready to build an eco-friendly house of coquina in the shortest possible time and at the best pricefor you.

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