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Finnish shingles Icopal

Series Plano Antik

 from 8,99 EUR / m2

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 Series Plano Claro

 от 9,89 EUR/m2

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Серия Plano Tema

от 9,39 EUR/m2 

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 Series Plano Natur


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ICOPAL PLANO - a Finnish series of bituminous roofing, which, thanks to its robust multilayer structure, as well as ease of installation will always reliably cover the roof, providing its exceptional tightness. Flexible multilayer structure IcopalPlano, and scaly strew, giving the appearance of the roof finish, effectively isolate all incoming outside sounds, whether rain or hail. Even a strong wind can damage the roof, ie IcopalPlano provides comprehensive comfort and convenience of living - both inside and outside. 

IcopalPlano - finest quality 

Finnish roofing IcopalPlano withstand the harshest weather changes, change of seasons and temperature changes, while maintaining its flexibility, shape and attractive appearance. Due to the multilayer structure Plano, fixing nails remain under each of the following tiles and special adhesive bitumen tile firmly attaches to the base. 


Ideal option for independent installation 

Small size, lightweight packaging placed into a conventional passenger car. Plano tile installation requires no special tools - just Finnish or roofing knife, hammer, roofing nails and glue. Installation instructions can be found in each package. The firm Icopal You can purchase the ridge, eaves cover, nails and glue and sealing installation opening and sheet metal for cornices. 

Tile roofing - a high quality

Coatings IcopalPlano represent a new, more multilateral approach in housing construction and designed for many different types of houses. Six different covers, a variety of colors in harmony with the surrounding landscape - and they all seemed created by nature. IcopalPlano - Finnish durable roofing material that will provide the comfort of living, peace building and withstand any weather conditions. Sale shingles Icopal. Prices for shingles Icopal could be even lower! Call and ask for the discount today. Company EcoDom and other official dealers of Icopal (Icopal) in Ukraine will offer you the lowest prices on shingles Icopal.


Icopal Shingles made in Poland

Series Trapezium

from 7,19 EUR/m2

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Series Pryamouolnik

from 9,19 EUR/m2

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Series Beaver Tail

from 10,49 EUR/m2

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ISOPALGONTYORLASBS (Poland) - In the summer of 2009 concern ICOPAL offered an update on the construction market, and improved collection of shingles GONTYORLASBS Polishproduction plant ICOPALS.A. The changes affected the basic parameters with European standards for this kind of materials. Today, all collections are made from a special SBS modified bitumen mixture, the most stable to all sorts of vagaries of nature. New gritting keramenizirovannogo granulate became much brighter and richer, and thus more resistant to UV rays. All collections are only tiles continuous bonding system, which eliminates the possibility neprokleyki individual shingles and as a consequence, the individual petals scoring tiles during operation. Price shingles Icopal made in Poland is low. All these figures, combined with an affordable price, making shingles GONTYORLA SBS one of the best roofing materials in this segment. 
GONTY ORLA SBS have the following advantages:

  • quick installation - self-adhesive layer, and modularity make it much easier stacking material.
  • universality - light weight makes it possible savings shingles materials for load-bearing structures of the building and the roof.
  • high quality material - offers guaranteed dimensional stability and integrity in the flow and total operating time of the coating.
  • Assortment - a large selection of available forms in a variety of colors gives you a great opportunity in the selection of roofing in accordance with the facade of the building and the surrounding landscape.
  • applicability - the ability to use as for new roofs, so and for renovation of old roofs.
  • thrift - the smallest waste and prirezkoj material by compared with other roofing materials.
  • completeness - asphalt shingles GONTYORLASBS comes with all necessary mounting auxiliary materials and accessories.

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