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 You can see a list of questions we have received below. If you don’t find the answer for yourself please contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions.


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Question: Good afternoon! Tell me please, if you have offices in other cities?

EcoDomcompany conducts buildings in all over Ukraine. We have representative everywhere. There are professional traveling teams, construction experience in different regions of Ukraine and the vast number of partners and subcontractors.


Question: I am going to build my own house, but have not yet decided on what is material to pick up: glulam, brick or frame or should I think about building a wooden house?

In any case, you decide. Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Just to say that the weight of the carcass structure is significantly less than brick or house from a bar, that is why you will start saving at the stage of laying the foundation. As for the performance of the frame of a wooden house, modern materials and technologies, they will allow you to create a microclimate that will not differ from the climate of a traditional wooden house.


Question:How long does the construction of the house "on a turnkey basis" from the date of signing the contract last?

 As long as you finish the selection of materials for interior decoration and as soon as you bring in the furniture. Building a house in compliance with payments schedule and compromising of all the moments lasts for 6 to 8 months depending on region.


Question:I like your style and projects, I want a small house with the area to 50-60 m2, how much will the most economical option cost?

 House of such a set has a 100 % finished facade, inside the preparation for finishing and utilities divorce will cost you about 40,000 y.e.

If the budget is not big, then the best option is to build our own house with our help and under our strict supervision. We will make your house project, a detailed bill of materials, you will supply the materials that you cannot buy on your own (for example hemp insulation), we will provide our specialists or recommend our subcontractor organization for complex and critical work that you are not able to do yourself.


Question:I want a dome house, there are many beautiful pictures on your site, is it all your works? Where can I find such a house?

 Photos of finished dome houses are houses by the French company Donespaceinternational. By contacting us you can order house-set as in the photo (such house-seta are not cheap from 200 thousand euros) and build it yourself or with our help. They are built for more than 50 years worldwide. Our dome houses are somewhat different from French - design, materials and execution. For our clients, we have made more than a dozen of such house Projects. Construction of houses on our technologies are still under way, if you are interested in this process we can send photos of the construction.


Question:I live in Kiev, want to build a house in the Crimea, I don’t have much time to drive and control the construction process, I would like to find a company that will do all the construction can you help me?

 EcoDomCompany provides a full range of works on the construction "on a turnkey basis". First, we develop house project for you or optimize the project which we already have or the one you like, then we do full house payment, a detailed specification and schedule of payments, sign a contract and begin to work. You do not have to often come to the construction site; you will receive a weekly photo and video reports on the progress of construction and come only to sign certificates of acceptance of each phase approximately every 3-4 weeks.


Question:How much house Suburban morning project cost?

Projects presented on site are not easy to sell, each project is made for a specific client and the chance that it will suit you is minimal, in the process of building you will understand it. Each Project have 1-2 variations if you like Suburban morning project, we are ready redesign it for your taste. Price of projecting similar to the house is $ 1000. The average term of Projecting is 2-3 weeks, until your final approval.


Question:Hi! I’ve been following your website for a long time and I really like your projects, but I am from Minsk, can you conduct projecting distantly or do I have to come to your office?

 Thank you for your praise. In the digital age spending time and money on a personal visit is not necessary. We can perfectly communicate with you by Skype, ICQ, email, or other convenient way. You will get a finished project in electronic form and will be able to print it. We have extensive experience in distant projecting, including the clients from Belarus.


Question:Your website has a Moscow phone number, do you conduct building in Russia ?

 We make projects; provide consultations and supervision inspection For Russia and the CIS countries. We do not have construction experience in Russia, but everything can happen. Moscow phone is for easy communication with clients from Russia and Russians wanting to build their houses in Ukraine, for example in the Crimea.


Question:I am looking for a reliable company, I had a bad experience of construction with several teams, tell us about yourself, how many houses you have built, how many years have you been on business?

 The company top experts have experience in construction for over 20 years. EcoDomCompany began its existence in 2005. During this time, we created more than 80 architectural projects for various purposes of private customers throughout the CIS, we also cooperate with European architectural firms, we have built more than 40 objects built from scratch and implemented into " Oleshki" settlement 6 km away from Kharkov, we developed and patented several of our own construction technologies, we produce constructing and insulation materials under our own brand.


Question:Father in law built the house 2 years ago.  He hired a team from Western Ukraine, the guys worked not bad and didn’t ask for a lot of money. But now the roof is leaking and the center of house is cracked, the guys who built the house disappeared; tell me how do you guarantee the quality of work?

 Guaranty is the first and probably the most importantly that the customer gets turning to a construction company. In an effort to save money people turn to private teams, which often do not always have the necessary knowledge, experience and perform their work. All work produced by EcoDom company has a written guarantee, this is rule. We are in the construction market since 2005 and value our reputation. We may also assist your father with troubleshooting problems from the previous pseudo-builders.


Question:I already have a house, i.e. the box is built by my own, could you conduct work on the utilities or you are doing work in the complex?

The company's specialists perform work as a complex, or separately. Work on the OVK and electrical work are also our main activity. We will be glad to help you.




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