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LOWEST PRICES cement-sand tiles BRAAS 

+ Expert advice

+ Free calculation of roof

+ Full set of roofing materials

+ Professional laying tile

+ When you order a complete set of roof - FREE delivery!


Sale of cement-sand tile Braas. To buy a cement-sand tiles Braas please call listed on the site. Price of cement-sand tiles depends on the order quantity. We do free cost estimate and a complete set of the roof and will offer you the lowest prices on tsemetno-sand tiles Braas.

Cement-sand tile Braas (Bras) - reliable and practical solutions


Series Frankfurt

For half a century tile profile Frankfurt defines trends appearance of most European roofs. No other tile does not fit on the roofs of most of Germany. Most popular this model and we in Ukraine



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Series Adria

You like curved and flowing shapes, reminiscent of the elegance of ancient roofs. Then your ideal choice - it is Adria. High profile of this model with its beautiful play of light and shade evokes the typical historical roofing solutions of days gone by.



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Series Taunas

Cement-sand tile "Taunas" - a versatile model is a combination of technology and reliable interlock. Exclusivity appearance of such a roof is achieved due to the width and wave a rounded bottom hem.



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Цементно-песчаная черепица

1,09 Euro / piece.



Цементно-песчаная черепица

цену уточняйте




Цементно-песчаная черепица

1,19 Euro / piece.











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