Проектируем и строим современные дома из экологически чистых материалов.

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Сhocolate EcoDom

Introducing the new house from "Eco House": a simple and at the same time unusual, robust, full-bodied, clean the house for a small family.



Constructive response

The walls of the building were built of three-layer laminated wood on their own, proprietary technology. Due to this the house is not complicating the design elements, no shrinkage, can not be afraid of blowing in the corners. From the effects of rainfall and hot summer sun protects ventilated facade - also made of wood. Secure base provides the traditional strip foundation, but finishing cap artificial grass - unusual. Finally, on top of the wooden roof trusses stacked PVC membrane, insulated with hemp shiv technical. Everything here is subject to an intelligible principle: maximum comfort for people and minimal damage to the environment.



Engineering advantages

   Particular attention was paid to the quality of the design and use of communications. A large number of electric energy is delivered to all necessary points of the building. Sensors, dimmers, radio controllers, remote controls provide the ability to control artificial lighting and create useful scripts of the world. Double sided fireplace not only divides the large room into functional areas, but if necessary, fills it with warmth. However, the main heating system in the building provides radiant floor heating. Additionally, reserve, mounted radiators. Water supply is a private well. Distribution unit directs the water to the desired areas: the residential part of the building, sink about barbecue, bath, Hot and for watering the lawn. Stock carried out in self-reinforced concrete septic tank. And, of course, working air conditioning and mechanical ventilation.


     Ergonomic design

   Simple, comfortable lines - this principle can be traced both in the house and in the field. The territory of square, rectangular shape house. The same outline of the garage and bath. Straight track emphasize the clarity of these lines. The front door faces the gate, but the house is disclosed on the inside of the building site. That there is a large terrace. Logical continuation of the outdoor areas for recreation is a sunny main room. There was a place zones cooking, dining and living room. Close to public - private space: two bedrooms, the main and guest bathrooms, study.

    Everything here - and in the planning and design - is full of desire to make the lives of the owners home comfortable and healthy. Ergonomics, usability, availability of all necessary to useful places - these are the main requirements of the tenants. And they are successfully implemented. And the colors - various shades of "chocolate", coloring wood and green "highlights" - added a sense of naturalness and emotional nature.

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