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If the site already has a garden, and you decide to upgrade the existing lighting system or install a new one, you will have to invest more time and resources. It will be necessary to dig trenches for cable, and pits for posts, poles and lanterns, and then restore these damaged lawns, flower beds and paths. But even in this case, all costs will be justified. Landscape lighting is not only the beauty and mystery of the night of your site. In developing projects it’s necessarily to consider the function of each lamp and each lamp. The qualitatively created and carefully designed systems can serve for many years. With properly designed lighting system we can also draw attention to its merits or vice versa hide its flaws. Lighting may be used for illuminating garden pond, regardless of whether it is natural or manmade. Illumination of paths is designed for walking and hiking trails. Today, the most popular are lighting lamps of suburban areas of classical forms, park, pushkin, or overhead, in the form of lights, for installation on the light pole. Park lights illuminate the trees and the things above them. A flower beds and hardscape are better to be illuminated with garden spotlights whose beams can be directed in the right direction. In terms of functionality the coverage area should be thought out more carefully than from the aesthetic point of view. The first thing that should be given special attention to is lighting paths, stairs, bridges, playgrounds and driveways. First, it's the details that attract the greatest amount of attention, and secondly, quality lighting of these elements increases the level of security. People with incomes above the average can afford quality illumination.

The project price can vary considerably and depend on project complexity and cost of the materials used. Some lights are cheap enough, others more expensive, but consume less electricity, others look very impressive, but quite difficult in looking after. When choosing lamps it is important to find the optimal balance between the price of the project lighting and the light composition efficiency. Most of the manufacturers make classic lamps. Their design retains the main features of those lamps that are used in urban parks, so they are called by park lamps. Park lights are characterized by a large variety of models and sizes available in heights from 0.5 to 5.0 meters. Spherical lamps are made in the form of a ball. Luminous flux is directed at them evenly on all sides. Lampshades of these lamps can be made of opaque plastic or glass that is partially reflectsthe luminous flux. Columns or in other words, bollards are also widely used elements in suburban estates. Lamps are bars, in the style of "high tech" made from plastic, stone or polished metal. Their height can vary from 0.5 to 1.0 m

Landscape lighting is not only the beauty and mystery of the night your site Traffic lights get their name from the fact that specially designed for light walking and hiking trails. In English literature they are called path lights, i.e. lights to illuminate paths, trails, or simply the way. Down lightsare currently underrepresented large assortments, given their important role in the landscape lighting. There are lightings for installation in horizontal - vertical surface and groundwater, although this division is conditional. When designing the garden lighting you can not only choose the form of lamps, but also have to choose a solution for their supply.

There are two inexpensive alternative solutions for lighting the garden at night - a solar-powered lamps and low-voltage lighting system. Lamps with solar batteries accumulate solar energy during the day and gradually spend it as a night light. Unfortunately, these lights cannot be used as valuable sources of light because of the weak light intensity, so they are not widespread. Unlike solar-powered lamps, low-voltage lighting system was fairly widespread, not only to illuminate the territory of country estates, but also apartments and private houses. This phenomenon has its rational reasons. Low-voltage lighting system uses a current with a voltage of 12V, so it is safe to use and does not require special knowledge and skills in working with electrical appliances.

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