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Hemp is a relatively new insulation material in Ukraine. The EcoDomCompany applies this insulation in construction of new houses and for insulation of existing buildings.

Hemp is a famous natural antiseptic. Hemp as insulation not only creates a favorable microclimate in the house, but also helps protect the design of the house from rottening and molding, fungus and insects.

Hards (hemp hards) are lignified hemp stems produced in their primary treatment (softening, beating). Hemp hards is composed of 65-70 % by weight of bast stems and mainly composed of cellulose (45-58 %), lignin (21-29 %) and pentosans (23-26 %).


Hemp insulation is ideal for thermal insulation of walls, roofs, floors.

Main advantages

  • Ecologically friendly
  • High thermal and sound insulation properties
  • Antiseptic properties
  • Low price


Hemp is the best eco-material for insulation


Hemp when wet does not lose its insulating properties, and therefore does not require the installation of vapor barrier and does not force you to live in a thermos. Such a striking contrast to the glass mineral insulation can be easily explained. When moist mineral insulation covers the surface of hydrophobic fibers with moist, reducing the air gap and forming it into millions of water cold bridges. Hemp itself just simply absorbs excess moisture retaining dryness.

It is not afraid of water, does not age, does not rot. Hemp contains no sugar (rich in timber) or other substances attractive to pests, it is not vulnerable to mold or fungus, insects or pests (even in the old times hemp was planted in the gardens to get rid of all types of pests).

Hemp is the perfect insulation created by nature itself. Due to hemp, your walls will breathe with naturally fresh warm air.

The heat resistance property of the material is almost 2 times higher than the NCN (National Construction Norms) norm; it is absolutely environmentally friendly and at the same time is one of the most affordable materials in the construction market.


Construction of houses on hemp mixture.


EcoDomCompany carries out projecting and construction of houses, cottages, baths and other facilities using hemp mixture using modified technology with a number of improvements and changes in the method of packing and formulation.

The technology is called "EcoTech" - more...


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