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Blocks Porotherm


Ceramic blocks Porotherm in building of houses

Company WIENERBERGER ( Wienerberger ) is  one of the largest brick manufacturers in Europe - for nearly two centuries  it has been producing ceramic materials.

POROTHERM (POROTHERM) are units of  large size and have a porous structure. Issues of special attention is their economy ,technology and logistics.

POROTHERM  hollow ceramic blocks are made from clay of high quality. Their shape and location of voids are designed so that one can quickly build a wall with the best insulating performance. This is confirmed by the results of studies conducted over the years in different laboratories.

The most advanced technological solutions and manufacturing equipment, as well as strict control criteria ensure high and stable quality products. Blocks of  50cm , 44cm and 38cm in thick are used for the construction of the external walls , which do not require additional insulation ; and thick blocks of 30cm, 25cm and 18.8cm in thick - for the construction of internal or external walls, which require additional insulation.

Advantages of ceramic blocks POROTHERM (POROTHERM)

Environmentally friendly - used in the production , eco-friendly , natural materials .

Energy efficiency - thanks to its porous structure , POROTHERM (POROTHERM) holds heat well in winter ( outer wall 44 cm thick has a heat transfer coefficient U = 0,31 W / m K) , and in the summer, keeps cool, saving funds are consumed, such as air conditioning cooling .

Speed construction - depending on the type of units, their size can fit size 6 -12 ordinary bricks, which greatly accelerates the process of building a house

Noise isolation - POROTHERM blocks have a high isolation sound quality

Reliability - house built of blocks POROTHERM will serve you much longer 

Usage of blocks POROTHERM (POROTHERM) makes a residential quick, efficient and economical .

Company " EcoDom " uses in its projects environmentally friendly blocks POROTHERM .

Advantages of building houses using blocks POROTHERM




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