Проектируем и строим современные дома из экологически чистых материалов.

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Wood as modern building material

We use wood as a main material in the construction because:


    • Wood is a natural, breathable material with high thermal insulation properties and is used for centuries in construction.
    • Wood creates comfort and unparalleled atmosphere inside the house, emphasizes the overall architectural style
    • The use of wood is not only safe for health, but also with the right approach allows to save the time for construction
    • Use of high-quality antiseptic impregnation makes the house or separate wooden elements absolutely fireproof and not vulnerable to insects and germs. They also preservess all the beneficial properties of wood, including breathable shell
    • EcoDom company has been building wooden houses since 2005

The use wood in construction is not only beautiful and prestigious, but also safe and economical. Wood is an environmentally friendly building material created by nature.



We use wood:


    • as a base material for construction of houses (wooden houses, houses from glued beams)
    • as a material for construction of terraces, arbors, fences
    • as a structural elements (frame house, roof beams, trusses, floor beams, building domes)
    • in exterior design (ventilated wooden facade leeward roof)
    • Interior design (wood boarding of walls, ceiling and floor)

Origin of forest, production


We buy wood for building houses, in the Sumy region for over than 7 years, the quality of the forest undergoes strict control. 

For laminated wall construction of "triple glulam" we use timber of 180*60 mm. 

For this type of timber - wall material - we use our own manufacturing facilities located in the Kharkiv region. All other timber is purchased through a network of major partners in the regions. Due to this we can offer you the lowest prices on the forest and guaranteed high quality of material.

! Even with the overhead costs due to transporting to different areas depending on geography of the object construction, EcoDom company woof price will be one of the lowest.


The quality of our wood


All timber, all wooden structures and components produced by EcoDom specialists have the written guarantee.

We also offer a special service for our clients - self-selection of the forests (due to a network of reliable partners and friends in Ukraine, stocks of ready products and the presence of our own production facilities, we offer our clients a personal visit to the production in the near region for you to control the quality of the shipped timber)

Wood control on site - all wood supplied to the construction site is treated with preservatives and carefully stored under cover.

Any board at the site according to objective customers demand will be immediately replaced.


French and Finnish wooden house- sets

The EcoDomCompany provides professional assembly of world's best house-sets on the territory of Ukraine.

All house-sets ordered through the EcoDom Company have a written guarantee of the producer. All materials are of the highest quality. 

Thanks to partnerships with manufacturers EcoDomcompany is ready to carry out the entire range of works - consultation and selection of the project, house orders on dealer prices in the factory, production control and delivery, and finally professional assembly of house-set on your site.

The price of such house-set are 2-2.5 times higher than national, prepayment of 50% should be made within 5 days after the order, production time and delivery of the house-set- from 4 to 6 months. House assemblyterm - within 3 months.



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