Проектируем и строим современные дома из экологически чистых материалов.

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Designing of houses, cottages

EcoDomcompany has dozens of unique house projectsin its portfolio. These are individual cottage projects which were created in collaboration with their owners.

Projects have different areas, design features and a different style.

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We develop unique house projects for Ukraine, Russia,Belarus and CIS countries. With over than 100 projects created, we can confidently say that we are ready to take on the implementation of your wildest ideas!

Individual project of your house

At your request, we will develop an individual architectural farmhouse project comprising:

  • sketch project, based on your land area and taking into account the features of its landscape and geology;
  • architecture and construction section includes designs of foundations, floors, roofs, drawings of individual units, the specification of materials and products (foundations, floors, lintels, roof, structural components);
  • Engineering section includes all the necessary drawings for the start of construction works;
  • Computer visualization of high quality, thanks to which you can make the most accurate idea of how your house will look like from different angles.

Work on your individual project will be carried out to the end – until the result completely satisfies you. Creating a personal cottage project together with our experienced professionals will undoubtedly bring in your life new meanings, benefits and pleasure!


Ready cottage projects

You can purchase any of the options presented projects and we will redesign it to your taste for free! Changes to be made free of charge:

  • Changing project structural elements specific to your site and geological conditions;
  • adjusting the size and proportions of the building;
  • Finalizing the plan of the project and changing in its exterior according to your wishes.


  Implemented Projects 
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Working with us




We offer rational approach to the internal space of the house planning, use smooth streamlined shape of the facade and panoramic windows.

Use of curved shapes in our projectsincreation of the roof creates a distinctive silhouette of the house and additional internal volume, in most of our projects ceilings are the same as the roof profile.




• When designing an architect is always dealing with a unique situation and a unique customer.
• The house must not only have individual space for living, but it also has to be special.
• The image of the house must comply with the vision and ideas of its owner about comfort. That is why we develop the image of the house first: the organization of internal space and the external appearance.


   We know how to implement into life the most daring ideas and your dreams. We always have new ideas, projects and developments, but unfortunately we have no time to update everything we want. Our architectural workshop is constantly developing, trying to create the best and most beautiful house projects for their customers. In the section concepts you can also look at our most recent and bold ideas. Development of individual house projects in 


Distant projecting

   Distant projecting is possible. Many of our customers live in other cities and countries, and we have never met in person. Thanks to modern technology distance is not an obstacle. Our architectural bureau will develop a private house project for you no matter what region of Ukraine you are in - Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk,Zaporozhye, Odessa, Lvov,and Crimea. We operate throughout the Ukraine! Ordering our private house project, you can be sure that you will be completely satisfied with the quality, price and terms of creating individual cottage project.

We treat each project with care, we design houses of any complexity and size, giving them chic feeling, making them unique and stressing the individuality of each customer. Each of our projects is special.


We are proud of our work and created projects! 


To order an individual project of the house, private cottage, you can:

Contact us by phone: +38 (057) 789-84-04 or by feedback

We will answer any questions you may have and discuss the possibilities and conditions of our cooperation.

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