Проектируем и строим современные дома из экологически чистых материалов.

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Technology «EcoTech»

Technology building houses of new generation

EcoTech - the technology of building houses on the basis of the wooden frame filled with an ecological mixture based on "hemp".

We use "hemp" as a natural insulation for walls and roof since 2011 and it has successfully established itself as the best eco-friendly material in terms of price -quality-thermal efficiency. For you, we have developed a technology that meets the highest requirements applicable to the modern house.



Дом из костры конопли 




 1.The main advantages

-low price

-thermal efficiency




2. Construction of cannabis in the world and in Ukraine

3. Application experience in Ukraine. EcoTech today.


Main advantages of the technology: 


General Building costs low

-aerated concrete 380mm (without insulation) - 450grn/m2 of wall+ price of wall insulation

-coquina 400mm (without insulation) -390grn/m2 of wall+ price of wall insulation

-brick  510mm (without insulation) - 900grn/m2 of wall+ price of wall insulation

-wall «EcoTech» 400mm - 400UAH * / m2 of wall(no additional insulation)

* Price includes working with pictures

 We managed to optimize the construction process and significantly reduce labor costs, the price is formed with a minimum additional cost because technology is new for the Ukrainian market and we are actively developing and promoting it, including significantly reducing the price.

Besides the above-mentioned construction technology of stone have significant weight and require a massive strip foundation, which entails additional costs.

For technology «EcoTech» We offer reliable, proven foundation " insulated Swedish stove " 100mm on compacted sand and crushed stone pillow device with waterproofing and stiffeners. Consumption of concrete, reinforcement and total costs much less, and the warmth and reliability of the design remains high.

Walls «EcoTech» have an extremely high strength comparable to a stone wall.


High thermal efficiency of walls

Under the recommended thickness of 400mm wall does not require additional insulation and heat resistance wall is 1.5 times

Higher standards DBN and 2 times higher than the walls of aerated concrete.

DBN - 3.3 (m2 • ° C / W) 380mm Aerated concrete - 2,9-3 (m2 • ° C / W) «EcoTech» 400mm - 5.5-6 (m2 • ° C / W)

 Heating costs and air-conditioning at house down at times. For house heating Areayu 100m2, in the winter requires only 3kVt/chas energy!


Absolutely environmentally friendly

The EcoDomCompany specializes in the construction of houses exceptionally from natural materials, a mixture of «EcoTech» is impeccable environmental material.


Mixture for technology «EcoTech» - hemp mixed with lime, cement (in the ratio of 1 to 10), an additional binder based on minerals and water.

During the construction does not use any synthetic or chemical additives.


Reliability and durability of the wall

Specific weight of the wall «EcoTech» is 250kg/m2

Together with reliable double wooden frame (rack Larson) is an extremely rigid construction.

Hemp material that does not rot and attract rodents.

And yet - "No, it is not smoking, the “hemp” is milled stems, which do not contain drugs ", although the atmosphere and the climate in such a house is favorable to humans.

Slaked lime - is a natural antiseptic and mineralizer mixture.

Mixture «EcoTech» does not crack, does not soak, does not subject to combustion.

Warranty on houses built by specialists of " EcoDom" using technology «EcoTech» is 30 years.

Construction of houses from hemp fires, houses made of light concrete, were conducted 200 years ago, in Europe you can still find a large number of castles and manor houses, the walls of which are made with the use of hemps. In France 30% of bridges age of 200 years or elder precisely were built using hemp and perfectly preserved to our time.


Finishing and exploitation

Construction technology «EcoTech» provides fairly flat wall that allows you to plaster it with layer no more than 20mm in the traditional way.

Variants of wall finishing «EcoTech»

a) Planking "imitation of timber"

b) Traditional plastering

c) Plastering with a plaster based on mixture «EcoTech»

g) Facing with bricks or any decorative stone

d) Exterior decoration decorative wall panels and natural slate



Construction of cannabis in the world and in Ukraine


In California in 2011 two experimental houses of hemp were built.

In France, a similar thermal insulation mixture is provided by Izoshanvr (Isochanvre). Insulating mixture was called "Izoshanvr" and passed the certification of the Ministry of Civil Engineering France.

Video on the construction of cannabis worldwide





Links to foreign sites and companies offering construction of hemp in Europe:








United Kingdom









Technology of hemp concrete - a mixture of hemp, lime, cement and water, which has been known by Ukrainians since the 19th century and even massively used. In Soviet times, this technology somehow was forgotten.


Application experience in Ukraine.EcoTech today.

Today technology “EcoTech” from “EcoDom” is first and only construction technology of this kind in the territory of Ukraine.

We are interested in promoting and developing technology, offering our customers, as a really worthy alternative to modern construction technologies, and receive appreciationand helpful advice from you and your friends.

We started hemp insulating of the walls and roof back in 2011. 4 houses were insulated. Householders are still by amazed heat their houses, find the cost of winter heating so ridiculously cheap, are grateful for such an effective insulation.









In 1.5 years we managed to choose the most successful formulation of mixture of construction technology, which has received the name «EcoTech» (Ecotech abbr. Of eco- technology).

In 2012, two buildings were constructed for household purposes, 1 bath and 1 guest house fully made of hemp.



We offer construction of traditional houses and cottages made of hemp using our technology throughout Ukraine and at a very attractive price - 400grn/m2 of wall.

By the end of 2013 the price of technology will be increased.

Do not miss your chance to build a really warm, ecofriendly house at such attractive price! Become one of the first owners of environmentally friendly real estate.

To all the questions we will gladly answer.

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Special offers for investors and developers.

Realized Project

Bath house-guesthouse


More about project …

EcoTech - the best technology for low-rise construction.

Construction of modern houses and cottages using hemp (technology EcoTech) is throughout the territory of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Odessa and Crimea: Sevastopol, Simferopol.

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