Проектируем и строим современные дома из экологически чистых материалов.

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Technologies and developments

Kager half-timbered houses 

 Фахверковые дома KAGER

Design houses of glass and wood  

Wooden houses

Финские деревянные дома


Houses from glued beams  

Porotherm blockhouses

Дома из блоков Porotherm


Simple and reliable technology

House of limestone

Дома из ракушечника

Best price


Porotherm blockhouses


Construction of houses from ceramic blocks POROTERM

In an effort to extend to its customers a number of choices of quality Walling company "EcoDom" offers the construction of houses and cottages of modern eco-friendly ceramic blocks     POROTERM (POROTHERM).

Construction porous ceramic blocks Porotherm (Wienerberger, Austria)are a high-quality building materials, combining advanced technological solutions and a long tradition of using ceramics.


Simple and robust construction technology

Technology laying ceramic blocks is somewhat different from the usual brick masonry technology. Masonry blocks of POROTERM  are much easier and requires much less effort.

For professional conventional brick masonry a fairly high level of skill and special accuracy is required  from the master - it is necessary to consider the number of continuously masonry mortar, while it is drying, and more. Technology laying ceramic blocks. POROTERM takes much less time and requires fewer solution.

Speed of construction

The average rate of house construction is 4 times higher than the rate of construction of traditional ceramic bricks. Also simple to install ceramic blocks - building a house can carry less skilled workers. Producer units developed detailed installation instructions, which eliminates the possibility of errors during the construction phase.

Architectural features and finishes

Architecturally, the design of houses made from ceramic blocks POROTERM opens wide opportunities, because the material allows to erect walls is any configuration.

Outside they can be plastered and painted, designed with brick or porcelain tile, siding sheathing. No difficulty and with interior decoration as having a honeycomb structure blocks easily all processing methods: they can be sawn, drilled, hammer nails, etc. By the way, today's technology allows to design and build houses that are made of foam blocks not only walls, but also slabs and lintels.


The company "EcoDom" construction offers warm, reliable and durable houses of ceramic blocks POROTERM


KAGER Half-timbered houses            Wooden houses                           Block Houses                     Porotherm Conquina Houses

Фахверковые дома KAGER Финские деревянные дома Дома из блоков Porotherm Дома из ракушечника  

  Design houses of glass and wood              Houses from glued beams                              Simple and reliable technology                   Best price-quality ratio


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