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Technologies and developments

Kager half-timbered houses 

 Фахверковые дома KAGER

Design houses of glass and wood  

Wooden houses

Финские деревянные дома


Houses from glued beams  

Porotherm blockhouses

Дома из блоков Porotherm


Simple and reliable technology

House of limestone

Дома из ракушечника

Best price


Wooden houses


“Turnkey” houses from laminated veneer lumber

What is laminated veneer lumber? What is the construction of laminated veneer lumber? Answers to these and other questions are concerning the construction of houses from laminated veneer lumber, the price of which depends primarily on the selected timber. Modern wooden houses.

Клееный брус

What is laminated veneer lumber? What is the construction of  laminated veneer lumber? Answers to these and other questions are concerning the construction of houses from laminated veneer lumber, the price of which depends primarily on the selected timber. Modern wooden houses.

Laminated veneer lumber is the most durable building material used for the walls of private homes .

• Constructions of plywood  is 50-60 % stronger than solid wood constructions. Shrinkage of wooden houses from glued beams is only 2-3% , which can significantly reduce the construction period.

• In wooden houses due to natural selection and moisture absorption favorable microclimate is formed.

• House of laminated veneer lumber can be built at any time of year.

• Wooden structure keeps a steady temperature in the room, so that the winter in your new house it will be warm and  in the summer - cool.

In Europe, houses of laminated veneer lumber first appeared in residential construction . Ancestors technology of laminated veneer lumber were Finnish construction company - long before it began to gain popularity in the construction of wooden houses in  Kharkov, Kiev , Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk , Odessa, Zaporozhye and other major Ukrainian cities . Company " EcoDom " offers its customers design and construction of wooden houses of  laminated veneer lumber throughout Ukraine .


Projects of houses made of laminated veneer lumber

Клееный брус

Construction of any house begins with the design of the space around him and alleged thereon buildings. Wooden houses are no exception.

Individual project house of laminated veneer lumber is a guarantee that your wooden house has a  clean, attractive appearance vary and will be erected quickly, reliably and efficiently. Company "EcoDom" specializes in the construction of houses on individual projects, so we are glad to develop a project of a modern wooden cottage, taking into account all your wishes. Design of wooden houses will be taken over by our architects. Individual project of a wooden house would be the best solution for you and your family. Our experts will readily prompt the best solutions to your problems and help you choose the most successful plan - ergonomically in space, reliability and cost of construction of wooden houses.

Company "EcoDom" guarantees:

  • individual approach to each client;
  • decision complex architectural tasks;
  • incarnation of the boldest architectural ideas;
  • design of wooden houses at a high level;
  • implementation of the project on time.


Construction of wooden houses from laminated veneer lumber

Клееный брус

Construction of wooden country houses with the advent of technology has reached a whole new level. Houses made of new materials become more durable, reliable and even more cozy.

Wooden houses, the most popular by far are  houses from laminated veneer lumber. Construction of houses and cottages is very difficult and requires special skills, so the construction of wooden houses from laminated veneer lumber in "EcoDom" is made by a specialized team of builders who have many years of experience in the construction of houses and cottages of laminated veneer lumber. "Turnkey" wooden house and no worries.

Modern wooden houses

Construction of houses from laminated veneer lumber passes quickly, without the involvement of special equipment and the need for complex device foundations. As this material is lightweight and has a clear geometric shape, smooth surface and a special cam system that facilitates docking of individual elements and enhancing reliability, durability walls. Therefore, at relatively low cost, you can build a cozy, warm wooden house from a bar in the shortest possible time.

If you want a reliable wooden house, a  wooden house you like, quality of construction is important for you and as you appreciate wood as an aesthetic and eco-friendly material, then our houses of laminated veneer lumber are exactly what you are looking for. Properly constructed wooden house is safe, beautiful and durable. Services for the construction of wooden houses from laminated veneer lumber  are throughout Ukraine - Kiev, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa and the Crimea. We are ready for you to build a wooden house in the shortest possible time and at the best price.

We value our reputation, so we build with high quality and reliability. Entrust our professionals to realize your dreams of the perfect country house - and we will do everything to make your new home be convenient, comfortable, reliable and beautiful. This will be the very house, where you and your family will live happily ever after.


Proprietary technology of construction of wooden houses


Деревянная клееная стена

Glued wooden wall

Building wooden houses over the years we have developed and patented proprietary technology of building houses of laminated veneer lumber. This unique patented technology of assembly of glued wooden wall has been developed by the company "EcoDom"! We have successfully applied this technology in Ukraine since 2005 and it did it best.

Glued wooden wall of Ecohouse is a worthy alternative for factory laminated veneer lumber in many ways! We managed to get rid completely of the traditional problems faced by owners of wooden houses: shrinkage and other sounds associated with it in houses of solid timber, blowing joints in timber walls (corners of houses). Wooden houses built on our technology do not require seasonal adjustment of studs and ties.

The cost of construction of wooden houses on our technology is almost 2 times less comparing to the conventional technology of construction of factory laminated veneer lumber. Speed of walling for the average house (200-300m 2) is only 2 months.

More information about the technology ...

The process of building a wooden house


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Assembling of Finnish housing sets

Sales and professional assembly housing sets from Finland.


EcoDom company provides services for professional assembly Finnish wooden houses in Ukraine.

We offer a full range of services - Ordering a house at the best factories in Finland, delivery to the place of construction and assembly of the house.

Finnish laminated veneer lumber has been recognized to be a qualitative, durable, stable and reliable material. It was used for the construction of buildings on the foundation of natural stone, while it securely retained heat in conditions of high humidity and low temperatures in northern latitudes. Modern Finnish wooden houses of laminated veneer lumber is the ideal ratio of impeccable geometry, environmental, thermal insulation.


The list of services includes:

  • selection and changes in the project
  • placement of order o a house
  • delivery to the place of construction
  • all preparatory work
  • device of foundation
  • assembly of a house set
  • device of engineering systems
  • grade  of a house with extra equipment

EcoDom specialists will consult you while choosing a model of a house, do all the necessary preparatory work, assembly and perform all "turnkey" house work including all necessary house equipment and beautification of the area.

We collect  houses from Finland throughout Ukraine. Delivery is available to all major Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Odessa.

Extra service: service of Finnish houses, including seasonal adjustment of studs and ties.

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