Проектируем и строим современные дома из экологически чистых материалов.

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New development - prefabricated, prefabricated BARNHOUSES type houses made of prefab eco-panels with natural German insulation – Steico.




New Projects

Introducing the new house from "Eco House": a simple and at the same time unusual, environmentally friendly house for a small family.



Designer’s Projects:EcoDom

This section presents housedesigns – projectsthat were created individually in cooperation with our architects and owners-to-be.. 



Projects:Archipelag Group 

The section contains the most interesting European projects of cottages offered by the ARCHIPELAG group.








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Welcome to the website of  "EcoDom"Company!

"EcoDom" Company – is a whole complex of design and construction works "on a turnkey basis" varying from the creation of unique projects and construction cottages to creation of its interior design, equipped with the latest utilities.  

Design and construction of private houses and cottages "on a turnkey basis"

We successfully and efficiently implement the most diverse housingprojects - one-storey and multi-storey buildings "on a turnkey basis" configuration, ready for moving in. you can find examples of cottage projects designed by our experts and constructed housedon on our website. 

We are the only construction company in Ukraine, which specializes in building energy efficient homes and buildings with low energy consumption (eco-houses). We have been developing, improving and actively promoting environmental technology construction in Ukraine and CIS countriesfor more than 10 years.

"EcoDom" is a company that creates a new branch of modern construction, design and promotion of  new technologies  in the construction of cottages made of  natural materials

Проект 43

Проект «43»


Справочная информация
Общая площадь: 280 м2
Пятно застройки: 9,3х24,5 м

Описание проекта



  • Проект 43. План первого этажа
    Проект 43. План второго этажа


Технология EcoTech

EcoTech technology

The unique technology of building houses on the basis of double wooden frame (Larsontimber) filled with a special eco-friendly mixturebased on "technical bun", also known as the world's wood concreteor hempcrete!


Деревянная клееная стена

Glued wooden wall

This is a unique patented technology of assembly glued wooden wall developed by experts of EcoDomCompany! It has been successfully applied in Ukraine since 2005! A great alternative to the factory glulam!


Вентилируемый фасад ЭкоДом-2

Ventilated facade EcoDom-2

It’s a reasonable compromise inthe choice of materials between stone or wood. One ofthe most affordableand economicaltechnologies of modern construction thanks tothe use of moderninsulationandmulti-layered structure.


Радиусные кровли

Radius roofs

These are excellent architectural forms and stunning internal housing capacity.Ceiling is entirely in the shape of the roof! “EcoDom’s”Radius roof offers high strength and general decrease loads on the truss system.  


Domed Houses

This is a new direction of our company. Today, we are the only company in Ukraine that offers professional designing and construction of houses and domes with a perfectly flat surface.

Popular Projects

Project "Edelweiss"

Подробнее о проекте коттеджа Эдельвейс ...

Total area: 246 м2
Price: $106 000

Project Dome House 6

Подробнее о проекте Купольный дом 6 ...

Total area: 218 м2
Стоимость: $

Project «Dome House»

Подробнее о проекте Купольный дом ...

Total area: 263 м2
Price: $67 700

Project "Country Morning"

Подробнее о проекте Загородное утро ...

Total area: 60 м2
Cost: 44 500$

KAGER Half-timbered houses            Wooden houses                           Block Houses                     Porotherm Conquina Houses

Фахверковые дома KAGER Финские деревянные дома Дома из блоков Porotherm Дома из ракушечника  

  Design houses of glass and wood              Houses from glued beams                              Simple and reliable technology                   Best price-quality ratio


Designing and construction of cottages "on a turnkey basis"


The "EcoDom" Company is an architectural bureau and multidisciplinary construction company, which works with customers from all the CIS. 

Turning to us, you will receive a full range of services for construction of houses: development of individual outline designs and concepts ofbuilding development, development of the unique interior for a private house and exterior design, construction of "on a turnkey basis " cottages, installation of modern engineering systems and installation of autonomous maintenance system (heat pump, solar panels), works on landscape design. All services are providedboth comprehensively and individually. The choice is up to you.


Having concluded a general contract for construction of the house, you will receive: 

- Development, preparation and coordination of technical documentation of the projectby our experts with government authorities on all stages; 

- Full range of services from professional architects, designers, planners, engineers, craftsmen, builders, decorators; 

- Saving time and money associated with the search for construction crews or small private firms for various kinds of work on the construction; 

- High quality and guarantee on all types of work; 

- Selection and purchase of building materials with big discounts due to the large number of partners throughout Ukraine; 

-  Possibility of continuous monitoring and amending the project, at any stage 

We provide the construction of private houseson a turnkey basisand construction of modern cottagesis such cites as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Odessa. We also provide  construction of wooden houses 

and eco-houses from environmentally friendly materials in other regions of Ukraine.


Take care of your nerves and trust professionals

Relying on us you save yourself from all future problems related to the organization of construction, such as the selection and ongoing monitoring of various contractors, difficulties associated with the adjustment of a project during the construction phase, selection of suppliers of materials and equipment, purchase and delivery of construction materials to the construction site.
Building houses with the help of employed builders or construction crewsmay seem cheaper at first glance but it can result in a considerable increase of the budget and construction term, also it carries additional risksin such issue as disruption of technology and workquality.


Save time and money –turn to professionals

 Building a house  is a serious and important step, moreover it is aquite pricey project and if you decide to start it, then you probably is a manager or owner of a large business. As an intelligent and experienced person you know perfectly well that you cannot afford to spend precious time running construction on your own and such an important matter as construction of your own house should be left to professionals. 


We will undertake all issues related to the construction and build a beautiful and safe house for you within a contract schedule.



 10  main advantages of the company  "EcoDom "


Great experience in construction houses in different regions of Ukraine

The company " EcoDom " has already been working in the building market  of Ukraine  for  more than 8 years  and has experience in realization of  cottages of  different  area, purpose and style. We provide building services primarily in the eastern and central regions of Ukraine. We design and build classic brick houses, houses of ceramic blocks and ecological houses of limestone, modern wooden houses, cottages of beam and wooden cottages in the half-timbered style, unique for the Ukrainian market stratodezic dome houses  and houses of technical hemp.


Full list of services

You do not need to apply separately to architects, planners, designers, constructors or to look for construction crews or small construction companies that perform certain types of work alone! Thanks to our existing experience, the presence of specialists in various spheres and a variety of reliable partner organizations, we are ready to take obligations about qualitative execution of all "turnkey" work. Apart the obvious benefits while applying to one organization you also get no less important advantage - full confidence in the quality of the structure erected. We are responsible at each stage of construction and are perform a house ready for 100 % availability.


Low total cost of building a house

Low overall cost of building is accomplished by several factors. Firstly, it is a reliable construction planning and detailed payment. Having received a payment for a house, you can be sure that for the price quoted for building you will get a "turnkey» made of high quality materials. Our prices for construction of houses are the most honest. We do not hide or reduce the overall cost in promotional prices. Secondly, due to a large number of partners in Ukraine , we are able to buy basic materials at deep discounts . Thirdly , our technology gives an opportunity to reduce the amount of work , thus reducing their cost, and the use of such materials as wood or coquina can partially save on decoration of the interior walls


Guarantee of the quality of construction

We fully guarantee the quality of all the performed works and accept the warranty to eliminate the defects if they occur after finishing the construction of the house. Construction of the house is a very important and time-consuming process, in which exists a human factor and a possibility of errors or defects. We do not deny that we have had warranty cases which we have completely eliminated. After all, there are warranties, which we fully comply, are needed for it. Free and fast removal of all defects after delivery after finishing the construction of the house is one more advantage to get interested in a well-known construction company


Own technology

Without any doubt this is one of the main advantages for people who want to build a warm and environmentally friendly house for a reasonable price. Technologies of construction developed by our company give an opportunity to save significantly in both main periods of construction works and decorating works. The cost of construction of wooden houses on technology «glued wooden wall" is almost 2 times lower than the cost for the construction of wooden houses built of factory laminated veneer lumber. We also take very seriously issues of thermal efficiency of houses, we use exclusively environmentally friendly insulation. In our houses it is pleasant to be and live comfortably. Learn more about our technologies...


Implementation of projects of any complexity

 In the part of projects of modern cottages you can get acquainted with some projects that have been developed by our architectural bureau. We develop individual drafts of in the in modern and classic style. The majority of the presented projects has 3 or more different variations, but each project is unique because it has been made in cooperation between our architects and a future owner . We have experience in implementation the most complex and unusual projects of private houses, including in areas with unusual terrain. At your request our specialists will develop for you an individual project of the house which you will be proud of.

Creator’s projects of modern homes ....


Environmentally friendly materials and harmony with nature

Our company’s name is "EcoDom" ( shortly for eco-friendly house) . In the construction we use only natural materials. The modern architecture involves the use of flowing natural forms in making projects and natural materials in decorating. Our houses are not only environmental samples, they respect the environment. During their construction the use of construction equipment is minimized. Designing and building houses , we try not only to do our best in adjusting a house to the environment but also to preserve trees, shrubs and other plants growing in your stead.


High speed of the undertaken work

Thanks to the modernization of the construction process, the use of quality tools and equipment, competent planning and delivery of clear timetables, availability of skilled craftsmen and streamlined work with material suppliers in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odessa, Crimea, we perform all the basic construction works quickly and qualitatively. The speed of construction of "turnkey" with our company "EcoDom" is on average 6 - 8 months.


Low operating costs for a house

You will be very surprised to learn how profitable it is to build an eco-house. Annual savings in heating and conditioning in our houses reach 50 % comparing to traditional buildings of not ecological silicate blocks ( aerated concrete) . Heat loss in our houses does not exceed 15 kW • h 1 m ? of heated area per year, so in winter, it is warm and cozy. Our energy efficient houses are reliable and practical; they do not require annual maintenance and repairs. Designing and decorating the facade, we use durable and practical materials, adapted for our climate.


Individual approach and work priorities

The company " EcoDom "’s principal priority is honesty , transparency and customer’s interests . We are attentive to each individual customer and project of a house. We strive to develop, but at the same time do not assume obligations that are unable to execute properly . We do not maintain a bloated "staff" of unnecessary personnel and are not looking for big money at the expense of quality, so there are cases when we just abandon a contract or put it aside if understand that we cannot adequately supervise the construction of existing facilities . We actively develop and promote green building , design original houses , build the most beautiful houses in Ukraine.

We are always happy to develop unusual projects and realize your creative ideas in life!


Please contact us at +38 (057) 789-84-04 or email us using the feedback form. We will be glad to answer all your questions and discuss conditions and possibility of our cooperation.


We build houses and modern "turnkey" cottages in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odessa and Crimea.


Design and construction of modern houses and cottages. Unique projects of houses and cottages . Modern environmentally friendly building materials . Natural ( ecological ) insulation to the walls and roof of a house . Natural slate . Modern construction technologies. Energy-efficient building technologies . Design of houses and interiors. Traditional and unusual houses - eco houses, dome houses, round houses, wooden houses, frame houses , stone houses. Beautiful and modern houses and cottages. " EcoDom "is new construction technologies. Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye. Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belgorod, Rostov- on-Don, Sochi. Crimea: Simferopol, Yalta. Belarus: Minsk. Lithuania: Vilnius . Latvia : Riga . Estonia : Tallinn . Construction of private houses on model and individual projects, individual design , all types of construction work , design and construction of turnkey cottages . Modern solutions for your home. Projects of cottages.