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 In this section you can get acquainted with the cost of most types of work in the construction of the house.

Note: Prices listed in section approximate and may vary depending on the area of construction, size of the object and different conditions directly during construction.

Exact prices for all kinds of jobs you can find in the preparation of individual calculation for the construction of your home.


Types of jobs U rev. Cost 
Breakdown, planning, land surveying services, building plot            pcs. от 1000
Excavation manually m 3 от 120
Backfill m 3 от 75
Sandy podsypka m3 от 120
Roll waterproofing (one layer) m 2
от 6
Scraping the bottom and sides of trenches and pits manually m3 от 120
Moving the ground no more than 20 m m 3 от 75 
Protective screed m2
от 50
Vertical waterproofing m2 от 10
Horizontal waterproofing m2 от 10 
Cleaning the basement walls from the remnants of soil from washing m2 от 10 
Cleaning brush with foundation grouting solution for waterproofing m2 от 20
Device preparation of concrete from the mixer m3 от 120 
Concreting nonmultiple places with cooking concrete formwork assembly and disassembly m3 от 500
Charger w / concrete structures with the preparation of concrete, formwork assembly and disassembly m3 от  550 
Making strip foundation shuttering including issuance, reinforcement, concrete m3 300
Making curved formwork m2
Filling spaces interconnect concrete m3 250
Installation of foundation blocks (with appliances) pcs. от 95
Making the installation of pile foundations au pipes and installing viscous carcass preparation  lm от 60
Reinforced masonry plinth of solid bricks, plaster with cooking misalignment m3 от 550 
Dismantling brick walls brick 0.5 m2 от 100
Dismantling brick walls one brick m2 от 150
Dismantling brick walls brick 1.5 m2 от 200
Dismantling brick walls brick 2 m2 от 250
Masonry exterior walls made of bricks (thickness 0.5 m) m3 от 500
Masonry internal partitions of brick (1/2) m2 от 65
КMasonry chimneys and ventilation pipes pcs. от 1,5
Masonry brick pillars pcs. от 1,2
Masonry walls of bricks m2
от 170
Decorating the walls of stone m3 от 75
Masonry walls of limestone pcs. от 4
Masonry walls of the timber m2
от 450
Making wooden crates to the walls m 2 от 25
Filling interwall space heater m2 от 20
Masonry walls of the timber (technology wooden wall) 180 mm m2  350
Billing batten siding under m 2 от 15 
Decorating the walls with siding m2 от 60
Clapboard wall paneling m2 от 60
Device monolithic walls of concrete (400mm), including cooking, laying mixture of  formwork and wooden frame m2 от 200
Installation of floor slabs pcs. от 120
Device monolithic sections (formwork, reinforcement, concrete) m2   от 60
Filling interplate sutures solution  
от 500 
Monolithic w / w floors (formwork, reinforcement, concrete) m2 от 150 
Device hardwood floor m2 от 50
Floor sheathing device m2 от 25
Hemming ceiling paneling open m2 от 60
Hemming ceiling lining hidden m2 от 80
Laminate floorboard m2 от 75
Fabrication and installation of simple roof m2 от 145
Installation of roof system m2 от 75
Device crates m2   
Decking roofing material m2  
- Evroshifer   от 50
- Soft tile   от 45
- Metalocherepitsa   от 50
- Composite shingles   от 40
- Natural slate   дог.
- Tiles   дог.
Inset vents
от 180
Hemming wind strips  pcs.  от 50
Installation of gutters lm от 30
Paving tides, parapets  lm от 20
Dismantling tall forests  m2 о 6 
Scaffolding assembly m2 от 12 
Plastering facade m2  от 55 
Plastering slopes pcs.  от 45 
Exterior decoration decorative plaster m2  от 50 
Installing the ebbs pcs. от 25 
Installation of wall brackets lm   от 25
Sanding wooden walls m2  от 15
Antiseptic treatment of wooden structures m2  от 10
Paint the wooden wall m2  от 7
Fabrication and installation of  metal constructions tn. от 6000 
Decking terrace boards m2 от 100 
Grinding terrace boards m2 от 15 
Autopsy specials board oil (2 layers) m2  от 25
Fabrication and installation of staircases (formwork, reinforcement, concrete)    
- Playground m2   от 300 
- Stage  pcs.  от 200 
Trim levels 1 m wide    
- Tiling m2  от 120 
- Stone pcs.  от 150 
Manufacture of wooden stairs on a metal frame    от 10000

Attention: Prices are valid only in the complex.

These prices are not a public offer and provided for educational purposes and may have changed.


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